Although Italy is a two and a half hour drive from Geneva (three hours to Turin) it is well worth the effort. I have only actually visited three areass within Italy, (Turin, Levanto and Pisa) but will be venturing over to Venice and Milan this Autumn.

The north of Italy is comparable to the midlands or north back home, lovely architecture everywhere but definitely industrial in nature.

One of the most notable (in my opinion) things about Turin is the Egyptology museum that houses Europes largest collection of sarcophagi and is in fact one of the worlds most complete museums for Egyptologists (there's nothing else in there besides Egyptian artefacts).


Apart from The museum and the lovely architecture the thing that really captured my imagination like a small boy on christmas eve was witnessing the start of the Monte Carlo rally.

Moving South from Turin we get to the Mediterranean sea. The road snakes its shores for hundreds of miles and the view is quite lovely for the vast majority of it (see right).

Heading south one of the next places of interest is the five lands.

The five lands are all similar to the picture shown to the right. They are all small villages built into the very cliffs of the bays in which they almost hang.


Levanto was in fact where we managed to stay for the night, it's perhaps worth noting that if you're considering visiting this area yourself then you should book a couple of months in advance as the area is popular with both tourists and Italians alike.

A point of interest when driving down through Italy are the fig and orange trees that are simply growing by the side of the road.

The beaches in this part of Italy are clean and not so crowded and also they are typically small coves or bays instead of the miles of flat costal beaches that we have back home. They all seem to have a little cafe.

After sitting at one of these little cafes for a while it became quite apparent why the pace of life in this region is so different to the more northerly european pace

Moving still further south we arrive at Pisa, famous for its leaning tower.

It wasn't until I put this page together that I realised that my picture of the leaning tower doesn't (a little creative photography would have saved them millions).

Its often quite curious the things you find abroad

If you ask people what else is at the same location as the leaning tower you will probably get a mixed response ranging from 'nothing' to 'a market'.

Well in actual fact there are three main attractions that sit at the same location as the tower, they are the cathederal, the baptistry and the mausoleum.

I dont intend to say anymore about Italy, except for it's well worth a visit. When I've had time to visit Venice and Milan I will of course update this page.

But for now I'll leave you with a picture of a lone consultant